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  • Vegas odds revealed for 2020 presidential hopefuls -- and long shots
  • A Las Vegas betting group has President Donald Trump as the favorite to win the 2020 election, giving him 3 to 1 odds
  • Senator Kamala Harris,  a California Democrat, is the leading rival but with 10 to 1 odds
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, fueled 2020 rumors but will face an uphill battle with 15 to 1 odds
  • Oprah Winfrey shut down rumors about a potential run but her 30 to 1 odds favor her over House Speaker Paul Ryan
  • Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti was given 40 to 1 odds, making him more favored than Hillary Clinton
  • Clinton was given 66 to 1 odds, placing her chances below Senator Bernie Sanders for 2020
  • Kanye West recently tweeted out the message “2024” but he was given 150 to 1 odds for the next presidential election
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dismissed rumors that he would run in 2020 but his 40 to 1 beat Clinton's odds
  • US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was given 50 to 1 odds despite Trump being the likely Republican candidate
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was given 66 to 1 odds