U.S. Children of Deportees Plead for a Change to the Immigration System

At a rally in front of the federal immigration offices in Newark, about a dozen U.S. born children with at least one parent who has been deported spoke of how their families had been hurt and their lives upended.

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    About a dozen U.S.-born children, each the child of a parent who has been deported, participated in a rally in New Jersey on July 6 where they described the hardship of deportation on them and their families. The rally organizers, which included American Friends Service Committee, hope to build momentum for a bill sponsored by Rep. Jose Serrano, a New York Democrat, that calls for taking account children's rights when considering deportation.
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    A banner at an immigration rally in Newark on Wednesday reads: "No Ser Humano Es Ilegal," or "No Human Being is Illegal." The children at the rally said they want the Obama Administration to push for a more humane immigration system.
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    Madjoma, 17 years old, tells of how the deportation of her mother in 2002 has left a void in her life. The U.S.-born teenager said her school work suffered.
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    Madjoma, right, whose mother was deported in 2002, and Florinda, left, whose aunt and uncle face possible deportation to Albania. At the rally, held in front of the federal building in Newark, Florinda spoke about how her aunt and uncle have five U.S.-born children and help care for her younger brother, who has Down's Syndrome.
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    Emmanuel, 6, spoke of how his father had been deported to the Ivory Coast. He was one of about a dozen children who spoke of the hardship that their parents' deportation had on their lives. They want the United States to reform the immigration system to give immigrants like their parents a change to legalize their status.
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