Trump touts newly constructed border wall sections in exclusive 'Fox & Friends' interview

In an exclusive interview on "Fox & Friends" Thursday, President Trump told Fox News' Ed Henry that "brand-new" wall sections have been built along the U.S.-Mexico border, contrary to claims by some Democrats.

Trump said the new wall sections include 14 miles at the site in California, where the interview was held.

"This was not here two weeks ago. This is all brand-new wall. ... We're building on many different sites all up and down along the border," he said, adding that the new 30-foot barrier was impenetrable even by "championship mountain climbers."

Trump said maneuvers by his administration to secure the U.S.-Mexico border have resulted in a major drop in illegal crossings and a safer working environment for Border Patrol agents.


"We wish we had help from the Democrats in Congress, but they said they want open borders," the president said during the wide-ranging interview with Henry. "They don't want this. They want criminals to come in."

"We wish we had help from the Democrats in Congress, but they said they want open borders. They don't want this. They want criminals to come in."

— President Trump

Illegal immigration has been a key topic at recent Democratic debates and the difference between Trump's vision and the Democratic field could not be clearer. Some Democratic candidates want to decriminalize illegal border crossing, while leaving it as a civil offense. They include Sen. Elizabeth Warren and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Trump’s claim that illegal border crossings are down could be based off preliminary government figures obtained by Politico earlier this month that said the numbers are down 60 percent since the peak in May.


Much of the credit for the drop was given to Trump’s agreement with the Mexican government in June that resulted in the country intercepting migrants from Central America before reaching the border.

“I think that they are getting exactly what they said they would get, by forcing the hand of Mexico,” one immigration expert from a pro-migrant group told Politico. “But the question is, ‘Is it sustainable?’”

Fox News' David Montanaro contributed to this report.