Trump camp runs ad saying Sanders and Biden are 'more alike than you think'

President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign quickly released a new ad comparing former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders shortly after Sanders announced Wednesday that he was suspending his bid for the Democratic nomination.

The six-figure ad, which campaign sources will run online as of now, claims that despite the ideological differences between Biden and Sanders, the two politicians have very similar views when it comes to taxes, immigration and health care.

“Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden: A big government socialist and a big government liberal,” the ad says. “They’re more alike than you think.”

The ad then takes a jab at Biden for his past gaffes while on the stump, saying: “But at least Bernie remembers his positions.”


Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale quickly chimed in on Twitter, asserting that the Democratic Party worked against Sanders' bid for the nomination. The claim is similar to those made by President Trump -- and many Sanders supporters -- that the Democratic establishment in 2016 worked to undermine Sanders’ campaign in favor of eventual nominee Hillary Clinton.

“With Bernie suspending his campaign, it’s clear that the Dem establishment got the candidate they wanted in Sleepy Joe,” Parscale tweeted, using Trump’s derogatory nickname for the former vice president.


While Biden and Sanders do share some ideological similarities, the two differ dramatically when it comes to the details on a variety of issues. Sanders advocated for "Medicare-for-all" and wiping out the trillions of dollars in student loan debt, while Biden has argued for an expansion of the Affordable Care Act and reworking payments for graduates.

With Sanders dropping out of the race, Biden is now assured to take on Trump in November’s presidential election that will cast two very different worldviews against each other. The specter of the coronavirus pandemic -- and the mixed reviews on the federal government’s response to it -- looks to play a crucial role in who wins the White House come November.

Fox News' Sally Persons contributed to this report.