Teen sensation at 2009 CPAC moves away from conservativism

Jonathan Krohn -- the teenage wunderkind who wowed Republicans at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference -- is taking a turn to the left.

At 13, Krohn delivered a speech at CPAC that became a minor YouTube sensation.

But in an interview with Politico, Krohn, now 17, says the speech makes him cringe. "I think it was naive," he told Politico, explaining that while he hasn't abandoned conservatism he's certainly changed his mind about a few things.

He's now in favor of gay marriage, supports the federal health care overhaul and suggests he'd support President Obama in the 2012 election.

“It really has gotten cumbersome having to go through the process of telling people what I’ve done over the past few years,” he told Politico. “I've tried to tell people, but it’s not as interesting, apparently. People don’t want to listen to me tell them I’ve changed.”

Krohn, who also wrote the book “Defining Conservativism,” will this fall attend New York University where he plans to study philosophy and filmmaking.

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