Who won Thursday night's debate of Republican presidential candidates in South Carolina is, well, debatable. But Texas Rep. Ron Paul's camp is claiming a big victory, at least in terms of cash.

Paul supporters timed a "money bomb" to coincide with the day of the debate. During a targeted 24-hour period of online donations, Paul supporters raised more than $1 million. That adds to an already hefty war chest.

In a race that is sure to be defined in part by the amount of money a candidate can raise to play on the same level as President Obama - who has said he plans to raise $1 billion - a million is nothing to sneeze at. But it's not the most Paul has ever received in a day. He actually holds the record at $6 million, raised back in 2007 from a similar "money bomb."

Paul has said whether supporters back him financially will be a huge consideration in deciding to run for president. He's already established an exploratory committee. Paul heads back to the campaign trenches in Iowa next week with more of the money he said he needs to formally launch a presidential bid.