Senate-elect King, Maine independent, will caucus with Democrats, as expected

Senate-elect Angus King, Maine independent, said Wednesday that he will caucus with the chamber's Democratic majority.

King announcement on Capitol Hill is no surprise, considering he received strong support from Democrats during his campaign.

The former Maine governor's decision will give Democrats a 55-45 majority over Republicans in the 113th Congress that adjourns next year.

King said he made his decision after conferring with independent Sens. Bernie Sanders, Vermont, and Joe Lieberman, Connecticut, whom he said told him Democrats never forced them to sacrifice ideals.

He also said caucusing with the majority party makes sense because he could be more a part of the committee process and deciding which bills get consideration.

"I considered going it alone," he said. "But this simply wouldn't be practical. ... In the long run, I'd be relegated to the sidelines."