Romney vows to repeal ObamaCare, accepts 'grandfather' title with a laugh

Mitt Romney accepted the "compliment" from President Obama for dubbing him the "grandfather" of ObamaCare.

"I have experience in health care reform," the GOP presidential nominee stated. "Now and then the president says I’m the grandfather of ObamaCare. I don’t think he meant that as a compliment but I’ll take it."

While speaking at a Univision Forum Wednesday, Mr. Romney first vowed to "repeal all of ObamaCare and replace it."

His comments mark the first time Romney has touted as a positive the parallel to ObamaCare and the healthcare reforms he implemented as Governor of Massachusetts- often called RomneyCare.

He also acknowledged that his health care record was a liability during his primary run because of the criticism it drew from his Republican rivals.

"This was during my primary, we thought it might not be helpful," he said with a laugh.

Senior campaign officials emphasize Mr. Romney's pledge to repeal ObamaCare immediately and say he was "joking" when he willingly aligned himself with ObamaCare.  

Romney maintained that implementing reforms at the state level set his plan apart from Obama's.

“The nature of the American experiment has been letting states build plans and ideas that work for each of them," he argued. "The idea of a federal government stepping in and telling people here’s the kind of insurance you have to have, you don’t get the choice."