Romney talks on Fox with Ryan, says had 'extraordinary week'

After a string of high-profile endorsements and just a few days before the Wisconsin primary, Governor Mitt Romney sat down with his latest high profile supporter, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc. for a joint appearance on Fox News.

"This has been an extraordinary week for me. I am really pleased to have their help," Romney told Fox News Host Sean Hannity. "I think this is about consolidating our strength and making sure that we take to America a very different vision for the future than that which is presented by President Obama." After a busy week in Washington pushing his budget through the House, Ryan did not waste any time Friday. In the morning, he announced his support for Romney on Fox News and then hit the campaign trail hoping to help deliver a win for the Governor in his home state.

All four candidates have been campaigning heavily in the badger state ahead of the April 3rd primary. While not typically a key player in the Republican primary process, Wisconsin holds the biggest prize on Tuesday with 42 delegates up for grabs. "It's kind of a surprise to us here that we are relevant," Ryan said of the attention.

Sitting side by side Friday night, the two discussed their shared vision for entitlement reform.

"The reason I am excited about Mitt Romney's candidacy is because it's very clear to me from all of our interactions that he understands the threat to our country," Ryan explained to Hannity. "And he also understands the courage we need to employ to get this done and to fix the problems before they get out of control."

Romney downplayed his highly buzzed about meeting with Speaker Gingrich last week, saying the two speak "from time to time."

"I speak with Senator Santorum and Ron Paul from time to time," too. He expressed confidence that party unity was on the horizon.

"We recognize that we're in the middle of a very challenging primary, but we're going to come together. There's no question in my mind but that you're going to see these four people come together and support whoever our nominee is."

Romney's two big congressional endorsements this week from Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc. are both widely speculated as potential vice presidential contenders.

But when asked to pick between the two, Romney sidestepped the question by floating another high profile supporter's name. "I think I would take George Herbert Walker Bush, if he was willing to do it." Ryan added, "He has more experience, that's for sure."