Romney rakes in cash, spends it just as fast

MANSFIELD, Ohio -- The Romney campaign is raking in the cash, but is also spending it at a furious pace, the latest fundraising figures show. On Monday the Romney campaign announced its August fundraising number, an impressive $111.5 million.

Included in that is also the fundraising efforts of the RNC for the month.

Romney's camp also spent $129 million during the same time period.

Romney is not hurting for cash compared to President Obama however. His campaign, when combined the RNC's coffers, has $168.5 million in cash on hand at the end of August.

The Obama campaign has also released their August fundraising numbers, hauling in $114 million, when combined with the DNC.

President Obama's campaign has not released its latest cash on hand totals, but when combined with the DNC, had $124 million, $20 million less than they had at the end of June.