Romney Predicts Win in Wisconsin

An increasingly confident Mitt Romney predicted a win in Wisconsin today at a phone banking event in Fitchburgh, Wisconsin.

"I have to tell you this. It feels better and better. The support for my campaign is growing stronger and stronger," he told supporters gathered inside the Madison Victory Center. "This was an uphill battle for me if you look back three or four weeks ago, and now we're looking like we're going to win this thing on Tuesday."

A win in Wisconsin could all but seal the GOP nomination for the candidate, and he is making a big play in the Badger state.

With Rep. Paul Ryan by his side, Romney has made a total of seven campaign stops, appeared on a number of TV and radio shows, and held several tele-town halls in just two days.

With nearly half of the GOP primary contests complete,Romney has won 54 percent of the delegates setting him on a path to garner the 1,444 national convention delegates in June.

Though the former Massachusetts Governor played coy today saying he has a long way to go and doesn't want to "count the delegates before they hatch."

"I'm gonna keep working very hard and hope I get a good strong send off from Wisconsin," he said. "I've gotta good boost from the folks in Illinois and if I can get that boost also from Wisconsin I think we'll be on a path that will get me the nomination well before the convention."

Romney will continue to campaign in Wisconsin through the weekend and into next week, where voters will cast their ballots Tuesday, along with Maryland and Washington, D.C.