Romney accuses Obama of trying to "fool" voters

Mitt Romney accused President Obama of trying to "fool" voters into believing things about the GOP candidate that are "inaccurate" today when speaking to the press on his charter flight bound for Denver, Colorado.

Romney cited the auto bailout, tax cuts and abortion as areas where the president has "mischaracterized" his positions.

In defense of his stance on the auto-bailout, Romney said the president's charge that he called for liquidation of the industry could not be "further from the truth."

"My plan was to rebuild the auto industry and take it through bankruptcy so that could happen, and by the way he doesn't mention he took them through bankruptcy," Romney argued.

He calls the president's accusation that he wants to lower taxes on the wealthiest "completely inaccuarate," and he blamed the president of running false negative ads on his position on abortion.

"His ads on abortion he says I'm opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest and the life of the mother, that's wrong. One ad after another of his and statements has been determined to be factually inaccurate," Romney said.

Romney also claimed the presdient's negative ads were a factor in his falling behind in polls in all key swing states, but brushed the numbers off. He said he doesn't "pay a lot of attention" to the polls saying they will "unlikely remain where they are today" in the coming weeks.

The Republican candidate has come under fire for not campaigning aggressively enough in the final weeks of the election. His campaign has insisted that they are campaigning "vigorously," yet fundraisers have outnumbered public events.

Romney seemed to justify his light public campaign event schedule by blaming the president for breaking federal spending limit laws. Romney said he would "far rather" be out in the "swing states campaigning, door-to-door" but needed to stay "competitive."

Romney will be holding a rally tonight in Denver, Colo., where in just one week he will face off with the president in their first debate in just one week.

When asked if he needed to win the upcoming debates, Romney said that the election will not be won by the candidate who uses the "cutest phrase." Instead, he said voters will choose based on the message the candidate delivers.

"My job is to describe what I believe in a way that the American people will understand and make the choice that they feel is right for America. I believe what is right for America that will give people the most prosperous future and the most security that their lives will enjoy prosperity, and hope and opportunity, is a path that I think people will be attracted to and will vote for," Romney said.