Republicans: Pentagon, not CIA, should conduct drone strikes

Two Republicans called Sunday for the military to carry out drone strikes instead of the CIA, a few days after the Obama administration admitted strikes accidentally killed two westerners.

Arizona Sen. John McCain said the unintentional deaths were "probably preventable" and raises the question of whether the strikes should continue and if so, which agency or department should carry them out.

It made sense for the CIA to head them up when the U.S. was first starting to use drones, McCain said, but he feels that the operation has grown so big it should now be housed within the Department of Defense.

"I can understand when it was a very small operation why it would be done by an intelligence agency," McCain said on CNN's "State of the Union." "But now it's reached the point where it's an integral part of the conflict. I think it should be administered by the [Department of Defense]."