Reporter's notebook: Alabama governor pushes to have tornado shelters installed

Earlier this week we told you about the plight of DeKalb County, Alabama. For nearly two years, the county has been mired in bureaucracy and state government red tape in its attempts to install six community-size tornado shelters.

The urgency for those shelters was driven home during last April’s massive outbreak of killer tornadoes, when 31 people died in DeKalb County.

After seeing our coverage of the county’s frustrations, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley decided to take charge. He has instructed the Manufactured Housing Commission – which has jurisdiction over pre-fab storm shelters – to work with the State’s Emergency Management Agency to cut through the red tape and get the shelters in place as soon as possible.

Fox News contacted DeKalb County Emergency Management Director Anthony Clifton to deliver the news to him. Clifton had been very critical of state officials – including the governor - for letting the problem drag on so long, calling it “unforgiveable.”

He was – to say the least – thrilled about this new development. We’ll keep watching to see if those shelters get installed in time for tornado season – which, looking at today’s weather down south – is just about here.

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