Priebus Taps GOP Insiders To Rebuild The RNC

In a nod to the traditional GOP establishment, new RNC Chairman Rience Priebus announced a transition team Wednesday that's full of familiar faces among Washington Republicans.

The new transition team is chaired by Ed Gillespie, a former RNC chairman with close ties to former President George W. Bush. Gillespie, who was known for running a disciplined organization when he chaired the RNC, is seen by some observers as one of the most effective leaders in RNC history.

Nick Ayers, the former Executive Director of the Republican Governor's Association, under the leadership Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, is the team's director.

The RNC is more than $21 million in debt and within hours of his election as head the party, Priebus began cleaning house, firing many loyalists to former Chairman Michael Steele, most notably staffers for the organizers of the 2012 Republican National Convention that Steele had installed months earlier.

Henry Barbour, the national committeeman from Mississippi and nephew of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, is a co-chair of the team.

"Today, I am honored to announce the team that will help ensure Republicans have a top-notch ground game in the 2012 election cycle," Priebus said in a statement. "Together, we will build on our success in 2010 and take back the White House and the United States Senate."

Here's a list of other members of the RNC transition team Priebus has assembled:

Transition Team Members

Reince Priebus

Steve King, Wisconsin

Betti Hill, Montana

Sharon Day, Florida

Demetra DeMonte, Illinois

Tony Parker, District of Columbia

Bruce Ash, Arizona

Mary Buestrin, Wisconsin

Jim Bopp, Indiana

Louis Pope, Maryland

Jan Staples, Maine

Alec Poitevint, Georgia

Ruth Ulrich, Louisiana

Jeff Kent, Washington

Miriam Hellreich, Hawaii

De Carlson, Nebraska

Pete Ricketts, Nebraska

Joyce Lyons Terhes, Maryland

Bill Crocker, Texas

Cindy Costa, South Carolina

Sharon Giese, Arizona

Bruce Hough, Utah

FOX News producer Jake Gibson contributed to this story.