President Obama Adds Meeting with German Chancellor Merkel

President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will remain at Camp David Saturday evening after the G8 Summit ends. While the other leaders will return home or head to Chicago for the NATO Summit, Obama and Merkel will hold a bilateral meeting the White House announced Saturday.

The G8 meeting was originally also scheduled in the president's home town of Chicago, but he moved the summit to the presidential retreat in order to create a more relaxed set of talks. And while many leaders have been taking walks around the camp grounds and having smaller casual discussions on patios, Chancellor Merkel and President Obama have more to discuss.

"Chancellor Merkel was one of the leaders that president Obama was able to talk to last night after the session," Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said Saturday, "he's also going to have a bilateral meeting with Chancellor Merkel after the conclusion of the G8. So the president will conclude the G8, he will have a statement to the press, and then he'll have a formal bilateral meeting actually here at Camp David with Chancellor Merkel."

Merkel is finding herself under pressure to back off her tough love approach for other countries to get their finances in check regarding the Eurozone. She and the newly sworn in French President François Hollande clash on his pro-growth approach to revive Europe's economy while the Chancellor would prefer a more conservative, deficit-cutting plan.

Greeting the German head of state at Camp David Friday night, President Obama said, "you have a few things on your mind." Should the G8 not cover all of Merkel's woes, she'll have an additional meeting now to discuss one on one with President Obama.