Portman Has "No Plans" to Meet with Romney

Senator Rob Portman put to rest speculation of a VP related meeting with the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tonight telling media at a New Hampshire Republican State Committee press conference in Concord, New Hampshire he spent the day kayaking on the Connecticut River and had "no plans" for a sit down in the immediate future.

The Ohio Senator's name has been widely reported as a top VP pick for Romney -- potentially able to give the GOP nominee an advantage in the key battleground state. Portman's swing through NH while Romney has been vacationing at his home on Lake Winnipesaukee this week has only added to the fodder. Yet, Portman clarified he has been in the Granite state to visit colleges with his daughter, not to undergo VP vetting.

"With those questions on the vetting, I have said from the very start that it's really up to the campaign, and I am not going to address them," Portman said. "Like I said, mostly I am here on a college tour with my daughter, but at the same time helping out with the New Hampshire Republican Party, but also with the Romney campaign in Boston in Monday."

Romney's VP short list has remained tightly under wraps. The GOP nominee said only two people in the world know potentials being vetted -- himself and Beth Myers, who heads his Vice Presidential search. While some political pundits argue delaying picking a running mate could hurt the candidate's campaign efforts, Portman sees no real urgency for Romney to choose.

"He has plenty of surrogates out there for him right now," he said. "Some of them may be on the list, while others may not be, but I don't think there is a shortage of interest in getting out and talking on his behalf. I don't think it matters a great deal. I think what matters is that we have an energy and enthusiasm on the Republican side and I see that this year."

Though that didn't stop him from offering up a suggestion for Romney, which he quipped as he was leaving: "Kelly Ayotte would be a great choice."