Palin floats Rep. West for VP nominee

Several high-powered names have been bandied about for a possible No. 2 on the GOP presidential ticket.

Sarah Palin, the Republicans' last VP nominee, on Saturday threw out a new one - Florida Rep. Allen West.

"I would like to see considered for the VP Col. Allen West," she told Fox News. "In this tumultuous time ... he served in the military and has intimate knowledge of the way the military works and should work by having a close family member serve. Someone like that."

Palin isn't ruling out another run herself on the ticket, should she be asked. "It is not a no. I'm not saying no. But what I am saying is if I were in a GOP presidential candidate's shoes, I would look to Col. Allen West."

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are among the other names that have been floated as potential running mates.

Palin, who has been consistently undecided about her favorite in the presidential race, on Saturday also said she would support Mitt Romney if he is the nominee. Despite lingering discontent in some corners of the party with Romney, he is still the clear delegate frontrunner.

"Anybody but Obama. Mitt Romney's proven himself as a businessman and as a governor. He's been the CEO of the state and understands amendment and states' rights that Barack Obama doesn't understand." Palin stopped short of an endorsement. She also praised Rick Santorum for his efforts to bridge the gap between conservatives and independents and union workers in Michigan. But, she had a message for all the candidates: "I think that observers of the GOP process do get tired of some of the pettiness that goes on in the campaigns."

Meanwhile, Palin told Fox News she has no plans to see the new HBO movie "Game Change," which is based on the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign. The movie trailers depict the Palin character as unprepared. "I am not going to see the movie and neither is Senator John McCain. Hollywood lies are Hollywood lies," Palin told Fox News. "They are going to do what they can to drum up their money and machine and that happens to be a pro-leftist, pro-Barack Obama."

Palin's PAC has released a video of its own called "Fact Change", which she says sets the record straight. She says the movie is complete fiction. "Most campaign staffers that threw John McCain under the bus should feel shame and embarrassment. It is based on a false narrative as you can see in the trailer."