Obama's ammo ban triggers new fight on gun control

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With gun control legislation having no chance of passing a Republican-controlled Congress, Second Amendment advocates are now warning that President Obama will attempt to move alone in his last two years to enact his gun agenda.

Although White House sources say this charge is mere "rhetoric," gun-rights advocates point to the administration's recent move against a popular type of ammunition, which was reported last month by the Washington Examiner. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has proposed a ban on 5.56 mm (.223) M855 "lightgreen tip" ammunition used in the AR-15. The Bureau argues that these bullets can pierce bulletproof vests used by law enforcement officials.

Critics see the move as an attempt by the Obama administration to circumvent Congress, a potential trial balloon for other efforts to restrict ammunition.

The White House counters that it had nothing to do with crafting the ammo ban and insists Obama is not planning a push to do through executive action what could not be accomplished legislatively.

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