Obama Trip and Vacation Plans in Flux...Again

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President Obama has once again changed his travel schedule because of last-minute Washington deal-making.

The president postponed a trip to Indiana Friday, and a short weekend vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia is also in limbo while he hammers out details on the budget and tries to avoid the government closing down.  The official White House schedule has the trip as "still TBD."

Having to adjust, cancel or postpone is nothing new for this president -- whether it's health care, a tax deal or looming government shutdown, he's had to move around his travel and vacation time several times before.

Last December, the president had to delay his yearly vacation to Hawaii because he was finishing up the tax deal, which extended Bush-era tax rates for both the middle class and the wealthiest Americans.

And then last year Obama twice had to cancel two major overseas trips to Indonesia first because of the health care debate and later due to the BP oil spill.

The president did travel to Philadelphia Wednesday to discuss energy and attend a New York fundraiser, but called lawmakers back to the White House for a late meeting on the budget when he returned.