Obama on Obamacare: 'We still have to sign a bunch of people up'

Fresh off his Supreme Court victory on Obamacare, President Obama on Wednesday met with supporters of the law in Nashville, Tennessee, to say the government needs to do even more to sign people up for health insurance.

"There are huge areas of improvement and, frankly, there's still a lot of people who aren't insured," Obama said. "Part of the design of the Affordable Care Act was that some people were going to buy health care on the marketplace; in some cases, we were going to allow states to expand their coverage through individualized programs in their states."

"I think because of politics, not all states have taken advantage of the options that are out there," he said. "Our hope is, is that more of them do."

Obama said about a third of the people who were uninsured before Obamacare became law have signed up, but he said, "We still have to sign a bunch of people up."

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