Obama: ObamaCare opponents are deeply 'cynical'

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President Obama delivered his sharpest rebuke yet against Obamacare's opponents in a major victory lap speech Tuesday, as the country awaits a Supreme Court decision that could derail a big part of the healthcare law.

"There's something deeply cynical about constant efforts to roll back progress," Obama told the Catholic Health Association. "I understand folks being worried before the law was passed and there wasn't a reality there to examine. But once you see folks having healthcare, you'd think it'd be time to move on."

The president was speaking to the country's largest network of Catholic hospitals and nursing homes. A strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act, the association has largely stayed out of the battle between the administration and the Catholic Church over its rules for employers to cover birth control.

"As you know, how long we have wanted and waited for a healthcare system that treats everyone with dignity," said Sister Carol Keehan, the association's president, who introduced Obama. "Many presidents tried and failed, but not President Obama."

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