Obama Gets Approval Bump after bin Laden Death

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President Obama's approval rating rose 6 percent after the killing of Usama bin Laden, according to the latest Gallup presidential tracking poll.

In the three days leading up to the military action that took down the terror leader, Obama's approval rating hovered at 46 percent. During the three days after, it rallied to 52 percent.

The 6 percent rise in approval is typical of those other presidents have enjoyed after major events. President George W. Bush's approval rating improved by seven points after the 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Obama's increase came entirely from Republicans and independents as his approval rating among Democrats remained unchanged. Republican approval increased by 12 percent to 21 percent while support among independents increased from 40 to 49 percent.

Gallup says this is the first time Obama's approval has rallied on the back of a major world event.