Obama Doesn’t Pass Sununu’s Lemonade Test

"There are a lot of people that I like but wouldn't hire to run a lemonade stand. Certainly President Obama falls in that category."

That is what John Sununu, former New Hampshire GOP governor and George H.W. Bush administration chief of staff, told Fox News about Obama's high likeability numbers.

The 73-year-old Sununu said Mitt Romney handles himself in a very disciplined manner. And while that may not translate into high numbers, Romney's competence and capability will resonate with voters, he said.

"This is a gentleman who not only has great private sector experience, but really was a great governor in Massachusetts. He took over a budget that was hugely in deficit, turned it around without raising taxes," Sununu said.

The economy and jobs will no doubt be a major topic at the Republican convention next week.

A Bureau of Labor Statistics report in July showed a slight improvement in the economy - at 8.3 percent but having added 163,000 more jobs.

Sununu said Romney and running mate Paul Ryan have the right agenda to get the U.S. economy on its feet again.

"We have young people who can't find jobs when the graduate that is a travesty," he said.

Sununu continued: "People have to understand (Romney) is a man who fixes problems and he makes things work and he creates jobs. I think that is the most important think Mitt has to convey in the days ahead."