Obama Condemns Bulgaria Attacks

West Palm Beach, Fla. - Speaking at a campaign rally in south Florida Thursday, President Obama responded to yesterday's bombing in Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists. "We are heartbroken," Obama said, calling the attack "barbaric."

Addressing the audience of several hundred senior citizens, Obama spoke about his support for Israel. "I want everyone here to know under my administration we haven't just preserved the unbreakable bond with Israel, we have strengthened it."

Obama continued to reference uncertainty in the middle east, saying it is more important now than ever to protect Israel's security. But taking a break from attacking his opponent Mitt Romney, the president said the issue was not political. "I want you to know that's something that should transcend party. That's not a Republican or Democratic issue, that is an issue of how we work with one of our closest allies in the world that shares our values and believes in democracy."

At the same time Obama was speaking Thursday evening, the bodies of the five Israelis killed in the attack were brought home to Israel.