Obama Camp to Broaden Attacks on Romney

President Obama's campaign will soon be broadening its attacks against GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, using his own record as governor against him.

The Obama team has repeatedly accused Romney of avoiding discussion of his tenure as governor of Massachusetts, but plans to unleash a new wave of criticisms, backed by specifics, of areas where they say the governor failed.

"[H]e made the same promises then that he's making today, but didn't fulfill them," an Obama campaign official tells Fox.

The Republican National Committee, meanwhile, has been hammering the president, using his own words and campaign promises, on issues like reducing the deficit. Those promises fell flat, they say.

Now, the Obama team is hoping to turn the tables.

Since it became clear Romney was likely to be the GOP nominee, the Obama team has centered much of its energy around chipping away at his business credentials.

Through conference calls, web ads and tweets, the president's campaign staff has attempted to paint Mr. Romney's time at Bain Capital as one in which he facilitated the dismantling of companies for personal financial gain.

Romney's campaign, meanwhile, has presented its own version of events; showcasing business success stories they say Romney had a hand in which qualify him for the presidency.