Obama ads challenge Romney on Bain, outsourcing

The Obama campaign released two new web videos Friday questioning Mitt Romney's career in the private sector. The new ads are the latest in the back and forth exchange between the campaigns over Romney's past at Bain Capital.

In the new ad, "Your Turn," the Obama campaign ties Romney to jobs shipped out of the U.S. The ad begins, "Mitt Romney doesn't deny he invested in companies that outsourced jobs to Mexico and China." Citing a recent Romney campaign video, the ad continues, "Romney only says there's 'no evidence' that he was in charge at that point."

The video presents "newly disclosed documents," SEC filings, which purport to show Romney was sole stockholder, CEO, and chairman of Bain at the time jobs were allegedly shipped overseas. The ad concludes, "Here's the evidence, Mr. Romney. Your turn to explain."

The Romney campaign has called the accusations of Romney approving outsourcing while at Bain, "misleading, unfair and untrue."

In a similar challenge to Romney's credibility on jobs, the Obama campaign released a second video on Friday titled, "Mitt Romney's Bain Secret Exposed."

The "secret" exposed in the new ad are the SEC filings from 2001 that appear to show Romney was in charge of Bain at that time. This runs contrary to Romney's earlier statement that he left the company in 1999. The Romney campaign has downplayed the SEC documents as containing technical details, but says Romney nevertheless was not in charge at Bain after 1999.

Romney spokesman Evan Yost responded, telling Fox "as the failures of his presidency become more evident, Barack Obama has resorted to the tactics of a typical politician - using dishonest and unsubstantiated attacks to distract attention from his own record. The American people are tired of the same old politics that President Obama promised to end. No amount of spin can obscure his failure to fix the economy or create jobs. We expected more from President Obama, and he hasn't delivered."