Navy's 'Sea Shadow'

The top secret Sea Shadow was the Navy's first experimental stealth ship costing the United States Navy $195 million to build and operate. 


    Sea Shadow1

    At only 26 years old the only plans for the Sea Shadow is for it to be scrapped.

    sea shadow3

    160 ft.-long and 70 ft.-wide, the Sea Shadow was built in 1984 and has a maximum speed of 14 knots and the ability to operate in Sea State 5 conditions.

    sea shadow4

    The Navy has no more use of this vessel other than to be a stationary museum.

    sea shadow5

    Taken out of active duty in 1994 shortly after its highly anticipated first public appearance, it was moved to the Naval Station in San Diego where it joined ships from the Navy’s fleet dating back to World War II.

    sea shadow6

    Like many historic ships before it, the Sea Shadow is scheduled for scrapping, where a company will sell its remains to the scrap metal commodity market, and it will return to just sheets of metal that can be used for anything.
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