Meadows teases Biden family connection with Romania to surface 'in the days to come'

Money from Romania, Ukraine and China appears to be 'flowing to the Biden family broadly,' White House Chief of Staff tells FBN

Hunter Biden's overseas business interests extended to Romania as well as China and Ukraine, and Americans can expect to learn more "in the days to come," White House chief of staff Mark Meadows suggested on Fox Business Network's “The Evening Edit" Monday. 

The Wall Street Journal is expected to publish a report this week on Hunter Biden's dealings, but it was not immediately clear if that was what Meadows was referring to.

“I find it fascinating that some of the monies that appear to be flowing to the Biden family broadly come from Romania, from Ukraine, and from China, the very three countries that Joe Biden was special envoy to [as vice president]," Meadows told host Elizabeth MacDonald.

The chief of staff added that Joe Biden, now the Democratic nominee for president, is going to have “a lot of explaining to do." The elder Biden has repeatedly denied discussing Hunter's overseas business interests with his son.


“The comparisons are very troubling,” Meadows went on. “So it’s not surprising they’d [the Biden campaign would] say, ‘We’re not going to talk to the press.’"