Key health care adviser leaving White House

Chris Jennings, a key White House adviser brought on last year to help the administration deal with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, is stepping down, Fox News confirms.

A White House aide said Jennings' departure is due to a recent health scare and other serious family considerations.

Jennings is known and respected as a key health care adviser in the Clinton White House, allowing him to bring a wealth of experience to the Obama administration as it battled criticism over the last several months regarding the implementation of the health law.

The White House aide told Fox News that Jennings "will be deeply missed, but our robust health care team" will still be implementing the law aggressively.

The aide added that the team "will continue to focus like a laser" on the law with other key White House aides at the helm like Phil Schiliro, a White House aide who had departed but came back recently after the health care rollout problems.

In a statement, Jennings said it "has been a great privilege to work with the president."

Fox News' Ed Henry contributed to this report.