Jindal to Obama: "Don't Make Excuses for BP"

Jindal to Obama: "Don't Make Excuses For BP"

By: Jake Gibson

GRAND ISLE, Louisiana (FOX) -- Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called Friday's meeting with President Obama, "Good, direct, frank." However, he added the Gulf Coast disaster relief effort is in need of much more than talk now. "We've had a lot of great talks in the last month, with a lot of different people. Now we need action."

Jindal is calling on the president to force British Petroleum to immediately start paying to fortify Louisiana's coastline with barrier islands so the oil can be caught before it comes ashore.

The federal government has only agreed to pay for a fraction of the 24 barrier islands he wants built, adding to Jindal's frustration. It's unclear under the law whether BP can be forced to pay to build any of the islands, although president Obama has called the disaster British Petroleum's "responsibility."

"We don't understand why our federal government would be making excuses for BP." Said Jindal. "They're the responsible party. They're the ones that caused this oil spill... it is their oil that is showing up in our coast and our wetlands and our marshes. It just makes sense that they pay to clean up this damage. "

President Obama visited the region today, his second such trip since the April 20 disaster which has become the worst oil spill in U.S. history. BP was still trying to stop the gushing oil five thousand feet beneath the Gulf of Mexico while Obama took a close up look at tar balls on a local beach and received a closed door briefing.

Jindal said he stressed three issues in the meeting with the president; Allow more local decision making authority. Bring in more resources such as oil boom, and approval for barrier islands.

"I have a daily call with White House." Jindal told Fox News. "Our lines of communication are great. Now we need action."