Israeli Ambassador calls for “credible military threat” against Iran

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren insists it's no longer enough for the U.S. and Israel to say all options are still on the table.  Oren tells Fox News, “We have said again and again that we need crippling sanctions combined with a credible military threat.”

Oren stated that while the two countries may hold different perspectives, Israel is remaining in close contact with the United States.

“America is a very big country with a big window of opportunity, it looks out that window it sees Iran very far away. We are a tiny country with a small window. We look out that window we see Iran in our backyard” Oren remarked.

President Obama met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and held discussions earlier this week. At that meeting, Netanyahu presented the President with the book of Esther, a biblical story of a plot to execute the Jewish people. A possible analogy for the increasing threat of a nuclear Iran.

Ambassador Oren reiterated the president’s sentiments, stating that Israel has the sovereign right to defend itself “against any middle eastern threat.”  However, he stressed the importance of working closely with the United States, as Israel did this weekend when it came under intense missile fire from Iranian backed terrorists within the Gaza strip.