Huntsman: GOP ticket needs heart; can’t have two Bain analysts on ticket

Former Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman thinks the Romney/Ryan ticket is missing some heart.

In an interview on "Power Play with Chris Stirewalt", Huntsman praised Congressman Paul Ryan for being both smart and articulate, but suggested that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will continue having challenges connecting with average Americans.

"You can only have one Bain analyst on the ticket. You can't have two Bain analysts on the ticket," Huntsman said, referring to the private equity firm once led by Romney. "At some point you need connect with the heart and soul of America. You need to penetrate the soul. They want to feel your words, not just hear them."

Huntsman was impressed with former President Bill Clinton's convention speech, and suggested that someone "with his heart" would have made a good vice-presidential choice.

"I walked away [from Clinton's speech] having learned something about how you bring these issues that are really important and those that the American public really want to hear about into their living rooms in ways that penetrate the soul," Huntsman told Stirewalt. "We have to do more of that."

Huntsman sees an opening for Ryan however to take ownership of the Ryan fiscal plan and sell it to the American people:

"I know it's complicated, but it doesn't need be in presentation. I know it's controversial, but it's the kind of controversy the American people need to buy into: that our social programs are unsustainable and we are off a fiscal cliff unless we take them seriously whether it's Medicare or Social security and here are the fixes. It's a choice. And he's able to do that like no one else I've ever seen."