Days away from his expected 2016 announcement, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee released a video Friday that will be used to introduce him at the rally next week -- in it, he describes himself as a fighter.

"Nailed Shut," described as his "announcement video," outlines what will likely be the major themes of his expected presidential run.

"Every day of my life in politics was a fight and sometimes it was an intense one. But any drunken redneck can walk into a bar and start a fight," Huckabee says in the video. "A leader only starts a fight that he's prepared to finish."

The former Republican governor is expected to jump into the 2016 race on Tuesday, from his hometown of Hope, Ark.

Huckabee, in his video, talks about helping Americans earn their "maximum wage" and protecting Medicare and Social Security for senior citizens, and says he'd keep all options on the table to defeat "the evil forces of radical Islam."

"We believe in some things. We stand for those things. We live or die by those things," says Huckabee in the video. "Let's win the fight for what matters most."

Huckabee, a former Fox News host, last ran for the presidency in 2008. Though unsuccessful, he won the Iowa caucuses.