House approves "Fix" for Sessions-Fitzpatrick Fiasco

The House of Representatives approved a resolution Friday to fix a problem created by two lawmakers who didn't properly take the oath of office when the 112th Congress started Wednesday.

Reps. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, and Michael Fitzpatrick, R-Penn., missed Wednesday's swearing-in ceremony in the House Chamber, and attempted to take the oath in front of a television in the Capitol Visitor Center instead.

They thought they were in the clear.

They were not.

Jefferson's Manual, written by Thomas Jefferson and used as the guidebook for most House procedures, requires all members-elect to be in the "proximity" of the Speaker of the House when taking the oath.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, formally swore-in both members Thursday.

Before realizing the error, Sessions and Fitzpatrick, both members of the House Rules Committee, participated in a series of roll call votes.

The resolution invalidated those votes, but said that all other actions the members took would count as if the two representatives were sworn in on the floor.

The vote to was 257-159.

Three lawmakers voted "present: Sessions, Fitzpatrick and Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore.

DeFazio alerted the Clerk of the House he would be attending an event with veterans in his district and not be present for Wednesday's swearing-in.

Boehner swore-in DeFazio Thursday morning.

Even though Fitzpatrick did not attend the formal swearing-in on the House floor Wednesday, he later surfaced at mock swearing-in with Boehner for a photo op.

FOX News House producer John Brandt contributed to this report.