Hillary Clinton to announce continued US funding of Egypt

Hillary Clinton is to announce Friday that Egypt will continue to receive US funding tied to the nation's transition to democracy, and will confirm Cairo is meeting its responsibilities under a peace treaty with Israel.

The US Secretary of State's announcements were in line with maintaining a strategic partnership with the north African nation, a senior State Department official confirmed to FOX News Channel.

"On the democracy side, Egypt has made more progress in 16 months than in the last 60 years," the official said, citing free and fair elections and a transfer of power to the new People's Assembly.

On the topic of peace in the region, the official added, "Egypt has maintained 30-plus years of peace with Israel. It contributes to non-proliferation, counterterrorism and peace in the region and beyond.

"These decisions reflect our commitment to a strong partnership with the people of Egypt ... And we will work together to maintain and enhance our longstanding security co-operation."