Happy Birthday, Mr President....

No official word yet on what Mr. Obama will do to celebrate his 48th birthday Tuesday. What we do know is that he'll be lunching with Senate democrats at the White House to talk about the priorities they have and what has been accomplished in the first 6 and a half months of the administration, that according to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (I hope at the very least they bring a cake!)

Gibbs was able to tell us that over the weekend while at Camp David, President Obama spent some time dining with friends (including Marty Nesbitt, Erik Whitaker and others from Hawaii), playing basketball AND bowling!

You all may remember that during the campaign, then candidate Obama was ridiculed for only bowling a 37. Gibbs seemed pleased announcing to the press at today's briefing the now president has improved having bowled a 144. "I watched the last four throws: three strikes and a nine. I'm just saying"

And Gibbs reassured the press of the accuracy of the game noting "the machine was keeping score."