GOP: Here's why a terror watchlist gun ban is a bad idea

A few House Republicans proposed a resolution this week to explain that imposing a gun ban on anyone listed on a terrorism watchlist would violate the Constitution.

The idea of banning weapons from people on a watchlist has come up for the last few weeks, as a Democratic plan aimed at reducing gun violence. While Republicans have said the government should be trying to keep terrorists out of the country, Democrats have said a better answer is to deny potentially risky people access to guns once they arrive.

But the resolution from Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C., warns that federal watchlists are just that: lists of people who may be suspect, but who haven't been convicted of any crime yet.

"The terrorist watch list is simply a tool for law enforcement," she said. "However most recently, the Terrorist Watch List has conveniently served as a shiny object, or distraction, utilized by Democrats to divert attention away from their president's failed foreign policy plan to defeat ISIS."