GOP convention's closing night program to embrace Bain

The Republican Party is moving to embrace Mitt Romney's time as head of Bain Capital, turning the subject of Democratic attacks into a rallying cry ahead of the candidate's nomination acceptance speech Thursday night.

The convention's program Thursday will feature former employees, a new website and videos that focus on the Bain Capital story.

Ray Fernandez, a south Floridian of Cuban descent, will talk to the convention about his time working at Bain Capital and how it turned companies around, ultimately enabling Fernandez to start a business of his own. It's effectively a rebuttal to the Democrat- backed testimonials from people who blame Bain for losing their jobs.

The RNC will also debut a new website called that will host 10 videos about Bain, including one that features former president Bill Clinton lauding Romney's career as "sterling." The program and website are designed to play on the President Obama's "you didn't build that" comments which have been a central focus of Republican attacks on the commander-in-chief and the GOP convention.

The Obama campaign has made Romney's time at Bain a cornerstone of its entire campaign by trying to paint a picture of a big business leader who has gutted companies in the name of profit-making. Obama for America has made a regular practice of featuring former Bain employees in campaign conference calls and videos.

The Romney camp contends their candidate's business background is what the country needs to create an economic upturn.

Fox News' Carl Cameron contributed to this report.