Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich did little to clarify speculation about a presidential run at an Atlanta press conference Thursday afternoon.

Gingrich addressed a single reporter question about a potential bid by announcing the formation of a website: newtexplore2012.com.

"We will look at this very seriously and we will very methodically lay out the framework for what we do next," he said.

A note from Newt and his wife posted to the website says simply, "We are excited about exploring whether there is sufficient support for my potential candidacy for President of this exceptional country."

While he didn't announce the formation of a formal presidential exploratory committee, all signs point to a Gingrich run for the GOP nomination.

A Gingrich spokesman confirmed to Fox News Wednesday that Gingrich is beginning to raise money to test whether a bid for the GOP presidential nomination is feasible and that he is entering exploratory phase of a presidential candidacy.

On Wednesday, Fox News announced that it was suspending its contributor arrangement with Gingrich, a sign that the former House speaker will soon announce the formation of a presidential exploratory committee, which legally would make him a candidate. He also plans to travel to both Iowa and New Hampshire in March.

Newt Gingrich would instantly be looked at as a formidable candidate. He presided over the House when Republicans introduced the Contract With America in 1994 and when they came to a stalemate with former President Clinton in 1995, leading to a federal government shutdown. He is considered by some to be one of the strongest "idea men" in the GOP.