Gingrich Expects Romney Camp to Be “Unendingly Dirty and Dishonest”

Warrenville, S.C. - Stopping by a barbecue restaurant in the suburbs of Aiken, South Carolina, Newt Gingrich blasted Mitt Romney's campaign for resorting to desperate measures.

"I fully expect the Romney campaign to be unendingly dirty and dishonest for the next four days because they are desperate," Gingrich told the crowd of about 300 people packed into Bobby's Bar-B-Q Buffet. "They thought they could buy this. They discovered they can't buy this. I think they have internal polling that shows them losing. I think they will do anything to try at any level and I need your help. People power will be money power. And I need your help."

Gingrich's rally cry was prompted by a woman in the audience who told him she had already received four mailers from Romney's campaign when she thought one was just enough. The former House Speaker took her comment as an opportunity to tell the crowd, "warn all of your friends."

"This is what happened in Iowa," Gingrich said, referencing a pattern of mudslinging from the Romney campaign. "If you go back and look at what McCain said in 2008, look at what Huckabee said in 2008, look at what Fred Thompson said in 2008, look at what Rick Santorum said two days ago."

The Romney campaign held a conference call and released a web video Wednesday with surrogates calling Gingrich "undisciplined" while he served as Speaker of the House.

In that ad, former Congresswoman Susan Molinari accuses Gingrich of being an inconsistent leader whose decisions would fluctuate from day to day saying, "The last time Newt Gingrich was the head of the Republican Party as Speaker, he became so controversial he helped re-elect a Democratic President."

"Wait, wait, wait, hold on," Gingrich said during a press avail Wednesday morning when he learned about the ad. "They're saying I helped re-elect a Democrat? That's just stupid."

Gingrich challenged the Romney campaign to "show us how many Republicans you helped elect in the 80s when you weren't for Reagan and Bush. Show us how many Republicans you helped elect in 92 when you were voting as a Democrat for Paul Tsongas. I mean where do they get the gall to run these kinds of ads?"

Asked whether he thought the video showed nervousness on the part of the Romney team, Gingrich said, "I don't know. Maybe they're bored. Maybe they have excess money. Maybe they want to throw the kitchen sink."