From Congress to Consignment

Four years after resigning from Congress amid a scandal involving former House pages, former Florida Republican Rep. Mark Foley is hawking second-hand items and valuables from a Florida storefront -- including items that once adorned his home in Washington, D.C. Have a look at some of the highly coveted items on sale.


    Former Florida Rep. Mark Foley

    "I've always been an entrepreneur," said former Rep. Mark Foley of his new business venture -- a consignment shop -- that he opened five weeks ago along a strip of highway in West Palm Beach, Fla.

    'A Fun Journey'

    Foley told that he opened his West Palm Beach store, seen above, "to redevelop the area's real estate and bring a new vibe to the area." About 30 to 40 customers browse the merchandise every day, he said -- mostly women.

    High-End Collectibles

    Silver frames, costing $100 a piece, are seen on display through the shop's front window.

    Celebrity Prices

    A marble console, costing $900, and a silk gold chair, priced at $595. The two gold wall sconces cost $190 for the pair.

    Fine China

    A marble chest top with a mirror, selling for $1,200, and antique bone china teacups going for $80 apiece.

    Home Decor

    A camel chandelier priced at $2,000.

    Fancy Dining

    A marble wrought-iron coffee table selling for $600.

    Valuable Prints

    An old print selling for $500.

    Large-Piece Furniture

    A pinewood custom wall unit selling for $5,000.

    Antique Items

    A silk elephant painting, selling for $675, and a "pine country" French chest of drawers, costing $1,200.

    Elegant Bed Sets

    A pair of "classic twin beds," costing $2,400 for the set.
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