Fox News Poll: Hey Valentine, Do You Prefer Red or Blue Roses?

Even Valentine’s Day has political spin.

Just over just over half of American voters -- 51 percent -- say it is at least somewhat important to find a Valentine who shares their political views. That tops the 47 percent who keep politics out of love, according to a Fox News poll released Monday.

Women (56 percent) are more likely than men (45 percent) to think having the same ideology is a priority when picking a partner.

Tea Partiers (60 percent), Republicans (56 percent) and Democrats (56 percent) are more likely than independents (32 percent) to think it’s important to consider politics in matters of love.

Meanwhile, voters who are part of Tea Party movement (35 percent) are almost three times as likely as independents (12 percent) to say it is “very” important to find a partner who shares their views.

Finally, the true test: would you break up with someone over a political disagreement? The poll found love usually conquers politics. Few -- 6 percent of voters -- have parted ways with their Valentine over politics. That holds true for Democrats (6 percent) and Republicans (6 percent) alike.