Just hours after the GOP-controlled House approved billions of dollars in spending cuts, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (R) told Fox News Republicans are the "only ones capable of getting [the country] out of the fix we're in now." The former Governor said Republicans must seize the opportunity to "win control of the Senate and the presidency" in 2012, and in order to do so will need to spend the next year demonstrating their business and financial savvy to voters.

Citing his own career as an example, Johnson says prior business experience will help Republicans win in the next election. Johnson, who "started out as a one-man handyman in Albuquerque in 1974" eventually grew his business into a one thousand employee operation before launching a run for Governor in 1994. Johnson says he ran New Mexico's state government the same way as his business, where everything was evaluated for its cost-benefit analysis. Johnson credits his 1998 re-election largely to convincing New Mexico's voters that he was a "good steward of their tax dollars."

When asked about his liberal stance on a host of social issues, including gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana, Johnson said these things pale in comparison to America's concern for the economy and that "people should be allowed to make their own choices" when it comes to social issues "as long as those choices don't adversely affect others."