Florida warns voters of fraudulent notification letter

The Florida secretary of state is warning election supervisors across the Sunshine State about a “possible act of voter intimidation and fraudulent activity very seriously.”

In the letter, Secretary of State Ken Detzner says that voters in multiple counties have recently received suspicious "official looking" mail alleging that they are potentially ineligible to vote.

"In addition to being presented on fraudulent letterhead from a supervisor of elections' office or the Division of Elections, the letter states that the person has only 15 days to respond," Detzner said. "This letter has not been issued from our offices or from any supervisor of elections’ office.”

The Romney campaign immediately pointed out the story to reporters.

"Our campaign is concerned with this situation and we are monitoring it closely. If anybody believes that they have received one of these letters, we urge them to contact their local election officials and the Florida Department of State," Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said.