Donald Trump Praises Rich Lowry For Complimenting Him

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When you’re courting presidential hopeful Donald Trump, you don’t need flowers or chocolate as much as you need a medium in which to heavily praise him.

“Sorry, Donald Trump has a point.”

So screams the headline on a new Politico column out by National Review‘s Editor-in-Chief Rich Lowry, who is about to be showered with a love only Trump can provide. Step aside Breitbart‘s Matthew Boyle — Lowry may be his new journo pet. Same goes for you Bloomberg‘s Mark Halperin.

In a new column out today in Politico Magazine, Lowry makes the case that there is a shred of truth to what Trump said about Mexican immigrants. Which is why, he says, people are getting so nutty about it.

Graphs that are sure to make Trump swoon:

“The companies fleeing from Trump were happy to be in bed with him so long as it suited their business interests. Now, they are acting on what has become one of the foremost principles of American public life: It’s no longer enough to be offended, you must punish the offender.”

As for his instantly notorious Mexico comments, they did more to insult than to illuminate, yet there was a kernel in them that hit on an important truth that typical politicians either don’t know or simply fear to speak. “When Mexico sends its people,” Trump said, “they’re not sending their best.” This is obviously correct.

“For all its crassness, Trump’s rant on immigration is closer to reality than the gauzy clichés of the immigration romantics unwilling to acknowledge that there might be an issue welcoming large numbers of high school dropouts into a 21st-century economy.”

Trump’s reaction was obviously positive.

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