Details Emerge on Ryan Debate Preps

There are new details on how GOP vice presidential
nominee Paul Ryan is gearing up for his debate against Vice President Biden.

The first full day solely dedicated to debate prep will
take place this Sunday in Oregon, according to senior campaign aides traveling
with the congressman. A small break was worked in so Ryan could watch some of
the Green Bay Packers game.

“We are negotiating right now how much he gets to watch,”
one adviser said.

While the campaign initially concentrated on Ryan's
roll-out, then shifted gears to his convention speech, aides say the debate is
now their "primary focus."

"We are going to be doing this more and more, which
is going somewhere where we can really lock down for a full day, not just do
one-offs, an hour here, an hour there, but really dedicate a full day to debate
prep. This will be the first of many sessions,” one said.

So far - Ryan has been reading and editing briefing
binders while on the campaign trail, covering issues ranging on everything from
the economy to national security. Those binders have grown so large that aides
now say they are considering carrying them around in backpacks.

Inside the binders lie a mix of already existing debate
materials created for Mitt Romney, along with supplemented "Paul Ryan
specific material."

Ryan also studied tape of the Biden-Palin debate last
Sunday at his home in Janesville, Wisconsin - but that will not be a
location for debate preps moving forward. "We are going to try to do them
not in Janesville . We don' t want to cut into the family's time," an
adviser said.

Instead, Ryan's staff will set up debate camps just like
Governor Romney has. Sunday's session will be a "mini version of it."

There will not be a mock debate this weekend. Aides say
Ryan will be working through topics and counterpoints to what they are
expecting from Vice President Biden.

While the campaign has not yet revealed who will play
Biden at their debate camps, an announcement is expected early next week. In
the meantime, Ryan aides are playing up the vice president's debate

"You'd be hard pressed to find someone in American
political life today with more experience at national political debates than
Vice President Biden," one said.

The vice presidential debate will take place on Oct
11 in Danville, Kentucky.