David Bossie: Liberal governors are strangling their economies and 'destroying the American way of life'

New Yorkers, Californians fleeing to Florida if they can, host Bongino says.

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Citizens United chairman David Bossie, a deputy 2016 campaign manager for President Trump, said Monday that liberal governors are essentially strangling their own economies by either continuing or strengthening coronavirus lockdown measures that have decimated the restaurant and entertainment sectors.

Bossie said on "Hannity" that with New York State and California being the two most visible examples of such lockdowns, those that can afford to leave will do so.

"People with money are going to reject California, reject New York," he said. "Your average person in California right now is signing petitions to recall their incompetent governor. Enough is enough. The American people are fed up."

Bossie noted that California Gov. Gavin Newsom is likely to further extend his state lockdown orders.

"Remember '15 days to flatten the curve'? – We are going on a year, where they are destroying the American way of life."

"They are destroying schools, they are destroying our sports, destroying our churches. It doesn't matter. There's no place off limits to the government overreach. That's what's so dangerous."

In addition, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said states with such restrictive lockdowns have seen a multitude of gripping stories about business owners who have been crushed by government edicts.

"We have seen gym owners in New Jersey with $1.2 million in fines – they couldn't operate their business even though there was no science that COVID was being spread in the facility," Lewandowski said of Atilis Gym in Camden County, N.J.

Michigan and Pennsylvania, both under Democratic governors, also continue to see widespread economic lockdown orders.

Lewandowski claimed that in Michigan's case, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has "destroyed" the Great Lakes state, while in Pennsylvania, a collection of restaurateurs and other business owners have begun to defy Gov. Tom Wolf's orders to remain closed for indoor dining and activities.


"You have to remember these government officials haven't cared about small business owners. They haven't cared what they have done to these people who build their businesses over 20 and 30 years. How many government employees, county employees, municipal employees or state employees have been laid off? The answer is none," he added.

Host Dan Bongino, broadcasting from his adopted home state of Florida, remarked that the environment is the complete opposite in his part of the country.

Bongino said he spoke with the manager of a regional airport in his area who told him there has been an influx of inbound private air travel at his airport, as well as an increase at public airports like Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International and Palm Beach International, noting that it is reportedly of people fleeing the lockdown states.