Cruz solicits donations to retire Walker's campaign debt

Sen. Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker were battling on the presidential campaign trail just a few months ago, but now, Cruz is asking people to help Walker retire the debt he accumulated during his failed campaign.

Walker's campaign has repeatedly asked for donations in the nearly three months since it ended. Earlier this month, the campaign sent out a fundraising pitch from Keith Gilkes, who managed Walker's 2012 recall victory and directed a super PAC supporting the governor's presidential campaign.

"He needs your help today to end our 'Walker for America' campaign in the black and I urge you to respond with your usual generosity," Gilkes wrote in the fundraising email. "What our rivals don't understand about Governor Scott Walker is that he is a driven, movement conservative who never quits. They underestimate him. Just as Governor Walker is convinced that America's best days are ahead, I am convinced that his best days as a conservative leader are ahead of him."

Before quitting the 2016 race, the Walker campaign paid 15 staffers at a rate exceeding a $100,000 annual salary, and it paid another 15 staffers at a rate equivalent to $50,000 to $90,000 per year.