Cotton rips US Air Force Academy prof for teaching critical race theory: She's trying to indoctrinate cadets

Professor Garcia has no business teaching the Constitution or political science to cadets at the Air Force, says Cotton

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., joined "The Story" Wednesday to react to Air Force Academy associate professor Lynne Chandler Garcia advocating for critical race theory in the classroom, citing racism is ingrained in the system, in a Washington Post op-ed.

TOM COTTON: I read Professor Garcia’s op-ed. It’s clear she knows very little about our Constitution, which is typical of colleges these days. She has no business teaching the Constitution or political science to cadets at the Air Force. [Defense] Secretary [Lloyd] Austin has testified at least twice that our military does not teach, instruct, or condone critical race theory. So Miss Garcia should start looking for a different place of employment in my opinion. 

Furthermore, it shouldn't require an op-ed in The Washington Post or for a United States senator to make these inquiries for someone to exercise some oversight of what is being taught to our cadets at the service academy. So I suspect General [Richard] Clark, the superintendent of the Air Force Academy, and I will have a conversation soon about this. We should not be teaching and indoctrinating our cadets to believe that our military is a fundamentally racist institution. Who exactly is going to raise their hand and take an oath to defend our Constitution if you believe what Professor Garcia is teaching about it?